Reply To: Cash Management costs in Italy

    Hi Patrick,

    interesting to hear that F24 can be done with XML. I had the impression that this is like a PDF presentation in the E-banking (with all the required tax codes).

    There is another HR tax payment for “agenzia delle entrate” for which, you cannot even use the E-banking. It’s required to make the presentation directly in the tax portal.

    In regard to PagoPA, there is this possibility of mass upload for CBILL, but as you know there are several PagoPA payment methods (customs, taxes, MAV, etc) and i wonder if all of them can be paid in the same way. For customs, i understand the account has to be connected to the customs authority to retrieve the money after presentation.

    From my point of view, the implementation effort should correspond with the frequency of the payments.

    Tax payments are the most difficult to automate via TMS + Bank and we probably never achieve 100% due to regulation like for “agenzia delle entrate” presentations.

    Do you know any Fintech that is focusing on Tax payments? we found the same challenges in Poland for instance.