Friends of Treasury Masterminds

Treasury Consultancy Partners:

Pecunia offers a complete service on all financial & treasury issues that a company faces. Thanks to their many years of experience in the field of Treasury & Finance, they are experts in financial and treasury management. With over 50 associate consultants there is always a perfect match for you available. Finally, good treasury management will lead to a decrease in (financial) risk and can even lead to extra returns. Their services will therefore quickly pay for themselves.

Treasury Technology Partners

Nomentia is on its way to becoming the number one treasury system in Europe. Nomentia goes beyond treasury technology by empowering treasury and finance teams with the clarity, knowledge and trusted support needed to positively impact their organization everyday.

Automation Boutique make “software robots” that help companies easily handle their treasury & finance workflows. Having a robot on your team to manage repetitive tasks allows you to focus on more creative and valuable tasks, creating more value for both you and your company.

At its core, Cobase stands out with a robust payment hub, ensuring unparalleled bank connectivity for seamless transactions. But it’s more than just a payment platform. With its modular design, companies can effortlessly extend their capabilities, transitioning into a comprehensive Cash and Treasury Management powerhouse

Treasury Delta’s niche online SaaS RFP platform brings considerable benefits to both buy-side and sell-side as their core theme is to eliminate friction on the customer journey using digital technology.  This saves both sides significant time and money especially when it comes to complex corporate treasury transactions that take many months to complete.

FX Trading & Management Partners

GPS Capital Markets acts as an extension of your treasury team, streamlining your global treasury operations with its expertise, competitive foreign exchange (FX) rates, and cutting-edge FXpert® automation. Founded in 2002, GPS brings together a senior management team rich in international banking experience from the world’s leading financial institutions. Clients worldwide rely on GPS to mitigate their FX risk and expand their international business by customizing our comprehensive international financial solutions, such as Intercompany Netting, Hedge Accounting, Balance Sheet Hedging, FX execution, Data Analytics, and Cash Flow Hedging, to suit their specific needs

Kantox is a financial technology (fintech) company that specializes in providing currency exchange and international payment solutions for businesses. Kantox’s platform aims to help companies manage their foreign exchange exposure more efficiently by offering tools and services for currency conversion, hedging, and risk management

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