AI in Treasury

Welcome to the AI in Treasury Working Group

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is emerging as a powerful tool that can transform how treasury functions operate. Our new Working Group is dedicated to exploring the vast potential of AI technology within the realm of treasury management. This initiative aims to bring together a community of professionals who are passionate about leveraging AI to drive innovation and efficiency in their treasury operations.

About the Working Group

The AI in Treasury Working Group is a collaborative platform where members will meet regularly – in a private virtual forum – to discuss the latest advancements in AI and their potential applications in Treasury. It is only open to corporate treasurers. No banks. No vendors.

Our regular online sessions will focus on:

AI Innovations

Keeping up-to-date with the latest developments and trends in AI technology and their implications for treasury management.

Use Cases

Sharing and analyzing practical applications of AI in treasury, including case studies, pilot projects, and success stories.

Collaborative problem solving

Working together to address common challenges and explore innovative solutions using AI.

Knowledge Sharing

Providing a space for members to present their ongoing AI projects and receive feedback from peers


Building connections with other treasury professionals who have a keen interest in AI and technology.

What the working group will produce

The outcomes of our discussions and collaborations will be captured and shared with the broader treasury community – although all comments will be anonymised. Participants also have the right to veto publication of any sensitive projects or discussions.


in-depth articles detailing the latest AI trends, technologies, and their specific applications in treasury management.


Regular blog posts offering insights, summaries of our sessions, and updates on new developments in AI relevant to treasury

Case Studies

Comprehensive case studies showcasing real-world examples of AI implementations in treasury functions, highlighting both successes and lessons learned.

Guides & Best Practices

Practical guides and best practices for integrating AI into various treasury operations, aimed at helping members navigate the complexities of AI adoption


Periodic reports summarizing the key findings and insights from our sessions, providing a valuable resource for the entire community.

Join us

We invite members of Treasury Mastermind who are interested in the intersection of AI and treasury to join this exciting new working group. Whether you are an AI enthusiast, a treasury professional looking to innovate, or simply curious about the potential of AI, your participation and insights will be invaluable

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