Payments Automation -Bank Communication Manager S4 HANA FIORI APP functionality

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    Dear Treasury gurus,
    I know some of you have experience with automation payments in SAP. Maybe someone can give an advise on my concern?
    A pain point of my employer is Bank Communication Manager module (BCM).
    We need to implement approvals flow as below:

    Three sequential levels, level 2 is non-sequential:

    Level 1: one of three
    Level 2: any two of four (non-sequential)
    Level 3: one of two above threshold

    Our external service provider claims that it’s impossible to arrange within S4 HANA (which we doubt). They claim that the order can be either sequential or non-sequential, but not a combination of two.

    Can somebody advise if that can be true? I personally think that SAP is quite flexible tool and can be built out to meet specific requirements.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Hi Irina,

    To understand the business case bettercan you eleborate more? I woudl expect you define the role and set limits per level and customize as per the requirements. Morw than happy to think with you if you can sketch an example.




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