What is the best PSP (payment service provider) to use ?

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    Patrick Kunz
    or is there none globabally and best to use the best for each region ?

    e.g. adyen, stripe, paypal etc etc.

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    I have hardly found any service provider that can cater to global needs. With national regulations and restrictions, it’s best that you explore the ones that suit your own country. For example, PayPal does not work in some countries in Africa.
    PSPs would always be an interesting topic and for me as someone who has worked across different countries, industries and situations, I have worked with some good ones but I wouldn’t be able to pick any as “the best”.
    My recommendation is always to use one with global presence but local expertise, particularly in the market where you have your needs. Even when you connect with well-known ones, most of the time they are working in partnership locally with those possessing the real local expertise in complex and regulated countries.”
Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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