Introducing our Treasury Masterminds Board

We are happy to announce our Treasury Masterminds Board members, a panel of leading corporate treasury experts from around the world. This esteemed group will lend their deep domain knowledge and years of practical experience to guide and enrich the content and events we provide, give insights on treasury topics and discussions, and provide answers to questions in our treasury community.

The Treasury Masterminds come from diverse backgrounds, geographies, and industries. But they all share a passion for treasury management along with track records of excellence and innovation in the field. We will frequently call upon their expertise through:

  • Weekly Polls: The masterminds will weigh in on topical Treasury questions and debates through our polls. Get a true pulse on key issues.
  • Article Commentary: Stay tuned for the Masterminds’ insights and perspectives on the latest Treasury articles, analyses, and forum blogs we publish.
  • Expert Bylines: These Treasury luminaries will also author bylined articles, sharing their frank views and learnings from the frontlines.
  • Events & Webinars: Our masterminds will participate in webinars, conferences, and other events as special guest panelists, moderators, and speakers.

Treasury Masterminds Board members


Benjamin Defays

Benjamin landed in Treasury by chance about 12 years ago, and it quickly became his passion. He started my journey with a CAC40 company, then switched to the largest private company in the US, and now he is with the world’s largest alternative asset manager. This gave him the opportunity to take part in 3 TMS implementations plus one for a trade finance platform, being in charge of FX risk, liquidity management, and solutions implementation with various cash pooling structures, trade finance activities, credit and collection management, but also automation activities such as RPA and various workflow tools to help monitor activities and measure performance, with managerial roles at different levels. He has been a board member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers of Luxembourg (ATEL) for several years, in charge of education and the sustainability of the Treasury function. He teaches and co-founded various Treasury Management training programs

Sebastian Muller-Bosse

Sebastian-Muller-Bosse_Treasurymastermind Board member

Sebastian is a young treasurer with a passion for treasury and technology. With experience in both banking and corporate treasury, he has transitioned into treasury consultancy and interim management, bringing a unique blend of expertise to his work. Dedicated to spreading knowledge and creating awareness about corporate treasury, Sebastian is particularly focused on reaching students, graduates, and young professionals. His tech-savvy approach and commitment to automation make him a valuable resource in today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape.

Patrick Kunz

Patrick is the founder and treasury consultant at Pecunia Treasury & Finance BV. A boutique treasury consultancy firm based out of the Netherlands. Servicing clients in the Benelux, Germany, Nordics, and wider EMEA. Patrick has seen more than 30 treasuries, from big to small, from profit to non-profit. He has 25 years of experience in his 15-year Treasury career. Patrick is both interim manager and consultant and also has a wealth of tech knowledge, having led several TMS, Payment Hub, and FX Hub implementations. Pecunia’s unique concept of working with 80+ freelancer associate interim consultants means they always have a suitable treasury, data, corporate finance, or cash management expert in their ranks at a competitive price.

Jessica Oku

Jessica Oku_Treasurymastermind-Board-member

Jessica is a Treasury & Finance Executive with over 12 years’ experience in Strategic Treasury, Banking and Finance, working for top banks and multinationals. With a proven track record of developing innovative financial strategies and optimizing portfolios for multi-million-dollar enterprises. Throughout my career, she has developed and executed initiatives that have redefined success and driven remarkable results. From optimizing the capital structure of a beverage multinational that led to savings of over $1 million to strategic negotiations that resulted in a 40% decline in finance costs, structuring diverse funding and debt instruments and derivatives, transforming individuals into product experts, achieving process efficiency across different strategic business units, and negotiating 5-year tax waivers on business pioneer status, her commitment to excellence is unwavering.

Jessica has a passion for coaching talent and teams to drive transformational organizational change. She is currently driving impactful change as the Director of Fund Development at Women’s Health Coalition Alberta, Canada. She received an award in 2021 for the Professional Achiever’s Award 2020 (Business Outstanding Performance Award).

Alexander Ilkun_Treasurymastermind-Board-member

Alexander Ilkun

Alex is passionate about allowing companies to focus on developing their businesses. He achieves this by implementing best-practice Treasury processes, empowered by automation and visualization. Alex has been a regulator speaker at Treasury conferences regarding wider Treasury-related and emotional intelligence topics.

Tanya Kuznetsova

Tanya is Director of Treasury and Cash Cycle Transformation at Baptist Health Care, based in Florida, where she is responsible for implementing the best practices in cash management, working capital optimization, reducing costs associated with treasury operations and attracting capital. She has 20 years of treasury management experience in a variety of industries around the globe: transportation, retail & wholesale, and healthcare.

As a treasurer and an independent consultant, Tanya has integrated technology advancements and improved processes into organizations of varying sizes, including non-profits under $1 billion and a $22 billion retail business with 13,000 stores. In addition, she advises high-tech companies on projects involving the newest technology applications in finance, such as AI, machine learning, and APIs. She holds the professional designation of Certified Treasury Professional. She is an award winner recognized for her achievements in implementing supply chain finance solutions. Tanya served as president and is currently a board member of the North Carolina Treasury Management Association. She contributes to the professional community as an educator and a speaker. She is the author of “Alice and the Treasury Island,” a book about career development and professional growth, as well as a number of online courses on fintech and digital assets.

Royston Da Costa_Treasurymastermind board member

Royston Da Costa

Royston is a Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) and an affiliate member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers (AffilACT). He has over 36 years’ experience working in Treasury. 21 of which he has had as an Assistant Treasurer at Ferguson, a NYSE (primary) and FTSE (secondary) listed company. He has extensive knowledge and skills in treasury technology, automation, foreign exchange, cash management, and international payments. Royston is responsible for the UK intercompany loan portfolio and continues to drive forward the group’s strategy on Treasury technology. He worked at Sky, Gillette, PolyGram, Seagram, and Vivendi Universal. Royston is a regular speaker at international conferences, focusing on Treasury technology. He is passionate about implementing Treasury best practices and enhancing financial and operational efficiency.

James Kelly

James Kelly is an accomplished senior finance executive with deep expertise in treasury, risk management, and insurance. He is currently serving as the Senior Vice President of Treasury, Risk Management, and Insurance at Pearson. James has a proven track record of excellence in fundraising, optimizing Treasury activities through cutting-edge technology. He can skillfully manage complex financial operations. James’ expertise extends beyond his current role. It is evidenced by his significant Board and Audit Committee experience, where he has presented on treasury and enterprise risk management. He also serves as a Non-Executive Director and Deputy Chair of the AIRMIC Audit Committee, further underscoring his commitment to professional growth and industry leadership. His involvement as an Investment Committee member for the Pearson US pension scheme further highlights his diverse financial acumen.

Lorena Perz Sandroni

With almost 20 years of professional experience, Lorena Perez Sandroni is currently the Global Head of Treasury at PayU GPO. She has been providing Treasury leadership, ensuring effective management of core Treasury functions and strategic business partnerships with international organizations. Over time, her career progressed to senior, global Treasury roles at multinational companies. Both listed and private equity, such as Ferrovial, Laureate International Education, EPSON, and SVP Worldwide. Lorena has a strong track record of professionalizing and standardizing Treasury processes to help companies optimize its performance and growth. She is a dynamic and results driven professional, constantly seeking challenges and opportunities for personal development. Lorena has been regular speaker on Treasury conferences for the past 4 years.

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