Modernizing Treasury Management: Treasury Delta’s Fintech Innovation Recognized by EY UK

Exciting news just in: Treasury Delta, a strategic partner of Pecunia Treasury and Finance (Pecunia), has been chosen by EY UK for their Fintech Growth Programme. This recognition shines a light on Treasury Delta’s innovation, which will streamline corporate treasury transactions, particularly within treasury management.

Pecunia’s decision to team up with Treasury Delta stems from a shared vision of simplifying day-to-day Treasury operations, especially the complex and costly request for proposals (RFPs). Together, they aim to leverage digital technology in order to remove friction points and they have recently undertaken their first successful transaction together.

Katja Palovaara, EY Programme Manager, has praised Treasury Delta’s digital platform, stating, “Treasury Delta’s innovative digital platform stands out, promising a transformative impact on the future of financial transactions with its exceptional efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Their customer-centric approach and commitment to automation herald a new era for Treasury projects.”

The Importance of Tech in RFPs: Saving Time, Money and Improving Decision Making

Traditional RFP processes in treasury management are very time-consuming and resource-intensive. However, with technology such as Treasury Delta’s digital platform, these challenges are being addressed effectively. By incorporating tech-driven solutions, organizations can significantly reduce the time and effort required to conduct RFPs. Automation streamlines data collection and analysis, allowing Treasury professionals to focus on strategic decision-making rather than administrative tasks. This efficiency not only saves time but also reduces the operational costs associated with manual RFP processes. 

Furthermore, advanced analytics capabilities provide deeper insights into vendor capabilities, pricing structures, and market trends, empowering Treasury teams to make more strategic and informed choices. The use of technology in RFPs also facilitates better communication amongst stakeholders. Cloud-based platforms, like Treasury Delta’s, enable real-time access to data and insights, fostering collaboration between Treasury professionals, vendors, and other relevant parties. This seamless exchange of information enhances transparency and accountability throughout the RFP process.

In summary, as organizations continue to prioritize efficiency and innovation in their treasury operations, tech-driven solutions like Treasury Delta’s platform will play an increasingly pivotal role in driving success.  This recognition by EY UK validates Treasury Delta’s niche position as an up-and-coming player in fintech innovation, poised to drive significant advancements in treasury management practices. 
If your firm is interested in exploring this innovation, inquiries can be directed to Pecunia at or by registering your interest at

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May 17, 2024

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